Recording the Heck Outta Politics 009 – Immigration Shenanigans



UN Migration Pact


Read the basics from the actual form.


Canada – Signed the Agreement


US – Opted Out


US politics for the past year for immigration


Even as those living in the US unlawfully remain targets, the administration has sought to redefine what legal immigration looks like, too, slowing or halting those seeking to come to the country for a job offer, through their relationship to a citizen, or to find a home as a refugee or asylee.


US and other countries bail on UN aggrement


More than 60,000 migrants have died in hazardous journeys while trying to reach wealthier countries, Mr. Guterres said. “This is a source of collective shame,” he added.


Under Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a fiercely anti-immigrant leader, Hungary has dismissed the compact as a “pro-migration document.” Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia have also rejected the compact, as have Australia and Israel.


Note that this article talks only opinions and almost no facts about what the UN pact does.

Recoding the Heck Outta Politics 008 – Recovering from the US Midterms


Midterms for the US



Dems 47, Republicans 51 for the Senate

Democrats 231, Republicans 198 for the House

New York times Colorado midterms

First openly gay man to win as governer

36 to 110

Recording the Heck Outta Politics 001 – Gun Laws and You!



United States Position on Gun Control and Laws

In Texas School Shooting, 10 Dead, 10 Hurt and Many Unsurprised – mention about highschool girl that mentions she knew her school could be next since “these shootings are happening everywhere.”

Thias doesn’t fit the narrative of ar-15’s since this was a shotgun and revolver

Bombs were found around the school

Why is the media making it sound like that this WILL happen everywhere

Gun control is dead

Get more resource / police to guard our gun free zones

Almost all gun “violence” happens in gun free zones

Canadian Position on Gun Control and Laws