Recording the Heck Outta Politics 007 – Getting Blazed in the North While Kavanaugh Gets Backhanded


Kavanaugh Controversy

Julia Louis-Dreyfus backhands Kavanaugh while receiving a Mark Twain prize.

“Back in fourth grade, as a matter of fact, I was in a very serious Holton-Arms production of ‘Serendipity. You know it’s funny with us Holton girls — I remember every detail of that play. I could swear to it under penalty of perjury. And yet, I don’t remember who drove me to the show or who drove me home, Or if Squee or Tobin were there. Or if Bart put it on his weird wall calendar. This, by the way, is totally true and not some kind of subtle attack on our newest Supreme Court justice — for God’s sake the man has suffered enough.”

The above is a longer quote of what Louis-Dreyfus says during the speech talking about Kavanaugh, in a sarcastic way.

It’s just another hit on Kavanaugh with no proof of him doing anything bad, and not to mention no proof of what Dr. Ford said is true.

The fact is that Dr. Ford kept stating something that contradicts what she had already said.

Metoo movement has done some good. There has been a voice for people that have actually been raped – but Dr. Ford was not one of these people. She is just the pawn in chess that the democrats decided to use.

Canada Marijuana Legalization

Yes I refuse to call it cannabis.

Legal marijuana launched in Canada on Oct 17, 2018

Ontario’s rules on marijuana

The end of the Marijuana Party?

Did Canada pay off their ENTIRE national debt with marijuana sales?

Not Everything is Legal when it comes to marijuana in Canada

Marijuana stocks tumbling just days after launch in Canada

Conservative Party mulling the idea of reversing marijuana legalization if elected

Doctors remind Canadians that while marijuana may be legal it’s not necessarily safe


Where you can find the podcast

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